About NIGS

The National Iranian Geophysics Society (NIGS) was established on January 31, 1976. The NIGSis a professional association for geophysicists and engineers. It is an organization providing a national network of geoscientists and academic professionals. The association is responsible for the expansion and exchanging scientific and technological opinions. It offers the latest scientific and research gains in the field of the earth, and space physics. The NIGSholds the biannual conference, specialized workshops, prominent scientific speeches and publish a quarterly based scientific research journal. The association is moving toward the improvement of the status and the role of scientific cooperation and academic development goals of the country.

All members of IGS are professionally involved in two main categories:

۱- Earth physics including earthquake seismology, earthquake precursors, exploration geophysics, non-seismic methods, hydrothermal, remote sensing, and rock physics.
۲- Space physics including Physics and dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean, Air pollution and ozone concerns, Climatology, Numerical modeling and forecasting of Atmosphere and Ocean, Atmosphere Remote Sensing, Boundary layer meteorology, Agricultural meteorology, Aeronautical Meteorology, Marine meteorology, High atmospheric physics of the Sun, Astronomy, and Cosmology.

NIGS organizes the following activities for its members:

۱- Events (national conferences every other year, workshops). The 20th conference will be held on 20-22 Oct 2022 in Tehran.

۲- Publications of Journal of Geophysics: each year four-volume of this journal are published. The technical council was selected by NIGS board from professors of geophysics in the Iranian Universities.

۳- Educational Programmes (short courses, lectures): NIGS organizes different short courses and technical lectures each year. The instructors are selected from researchers, academic and industry from around the world and Iranian
institutions and companies.

۴- NIGS is an associated member of EAGE now.

NIGS’s Head Office is located in Tehran, Iran