conference on applied geophysics in mines

conference on applied geophysics in mines_Tehran 2024

The first conference on applied geophysics in mines will be held by the National Association of Geophysics of Iran on February 20-21, 2024. This conference provides a good opportunity to present the scientific and research achievements of professors, students, and researchers of geophysics, mining, and other fields related to the earth sciences.
All professors, students, and industrialists are hereby invited to cooperate with this conference and add to its richness by presenting their scientific articles and industrial and research achievements in various fields of mechanical engineering.
The program of this conference will include parallel scientific meetings, meetings to present articles, keynote speeches by prominent domestic and foreign professors, exhibitions of technical and industrial products, as well as targeted specialized training workshops for students and craftsmen.

Calendar Conf:

Abstract submission deadline: 22 November 2023
Full Paper Submission Deadline: 5 January 2024
Conference Days: 20-21 February 2024
conference on applied geophysics in mines Topic
Recent advances in mineral geophysical methods
Airborne geophysics in identifying mineral potentials
UAV geophysics in mining engineering
Geophysics in investigating hydrogeology problems in mines
Geophysics in the investigation of geological problems, geotechnical engineering in mines
The role of geophysics in deep mining exploration
Downhole geophysics in mining engineering
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in exploration geophysics
۳D inversion of geophysical data
Joint inversion of data from different geophysical methods
The role of geological knowledge and information in geophysical data processing and interpretation
Gravimetry and magnetometry methods in mineral geophysics
Radiometric method in exploration of mineral resources
Electrical and electromagnetic methods in the exploration of mineral resources
IP-RS method in mineral exploration and extraction
Seismic method in mineral exploration
GPR method in mining engineering

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