Iranian Journal of Geophysics

Iranian Journal of Geophysics Vol. 6, No. 1, 2012

  • Motavalli-Anbaran, S. H., Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani, V. and Zeyen, H., Crustal and lithospheric model of the Alborz, Central Iran and South Caspian Basin, using geoid and topography data sets Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Rastbood, A. and Voosoghi, B.,  Horizontal coordinates change modeling of earth surface points in ITRF reference frames in the region of Iranian plateau Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Ghorbani, A., Ghari, H. A.and Namiranian, A., Electrical resistivity monitoring of rock samples during uniaxial compression test Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Ezzatian, V. and Asadi-Oskooi, E., Application of statistical methods in the analysis of fluctuations of tropospheric ozone Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Roshandel Kahoo, A. and Nejati Kalateh, A., High resolution spectral decomposition and its application to illuminate low frequency shadow of gas reservoir Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Alamdar, K., KamkareReouhani, A. and Ansari, A. H., Interpretation of magnetic anomalies using analytic signal derivatives Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Mohebian, R., Yari, M. and Riahi, M. A., Comparison of spectral decomposition method's to detect channels in one of the reservoirs of south west Iran Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Hamidi-Habib, A., Riahi, M. A. and Norouzi, G. H., Analysis of improvement of porosity estimation by combining geostatistical methods and multiattribute transforms Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Ahmadi-Hojat, M. and Ahmadi-Givi, F., On the dynamical and thermodynamical structure of the Siberian high pressure and its amplification during the period of 1948-2008 Summary / Full text in Farsi
  • Abbassi, A., Tatar, M., Abbassi, M. R. and Yaminifard, F., Instrumentation seismological of the eastern part of the Mosha fault Summary / Full text in Farsi